Suzy's Achievements in Professional Level Designs

I have studied web development and graphic design since I was in 3rd grade. My mom encouraged my dreams through letting me get online classes and she taught me everything she knew. Since then I have always loved building websites.

My love for website development and art has always stuck.

My eye for design is advanced, and I have professional skills in visuals. I am an Adobe recongnized Professional in visual design. I also have certifications in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Information Technology.

I have taken many professional-level Internships and competitions where I successfully solved problems and worked in a team to make our products more effecient.

My first Internship was with the Bingham Counseling office. Me and my partner worked hard to make the Bingham Counseling website more accessable for students looking for documents. We had to replace a lot of links, photos, and slideshows in order to make the website work properly. After working hard to make the website easier to use, we had successfully made the website the most effecient it could be. The experience this website gave me was incredible.

I also joined a SkillsUSA Video Game Competition. I learned how to work in a large team to make a product that would be artistically beautiful while still remaining functional with a limited amount of time. In the end we only had 5 months to create an excellent video game. I figured out a schedule with the other designer on the team to try to push out as many assets in the short amount of time we had. In the end we came out with a wonderful product that pushed past our expectations.

Home Screen to the Last Sancturary
Homepage of Bingham Counseling
Homescreen of Devcamp Fries Website

I am proud of what I have achieved and the amount of time I put in to what I love.