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What Is the Weber State Competition

The Weber State University Automotive Contest is an annual contest for high school automotive students. Top scoring automotive high school seniors from Utah and the surrounding states come to compete for scholarships, tools, and a vehicle for their school. The contest was started in 1987, and was coordinated for 17 years (1988–2004) by Rondo Erickson as a recruiting tool for the WSU Automotive Technology Program.

List of Winners

Year Team Place
2022 Tanner Newbrough, Kristen Walker, Nicholas Hunter 6th Place Overall
2021 (Cancelled due to Covid 19) NA
2020 Keaton Hagen, Hayden Sargent and Trevar Pecorelli 4th Place Overall
2019 Maeson Vorhees, Randy Gilbert, Isaac Akiyama 2nd Place Overall
2018 Dallas Harper-Smith, Matthew McDougal, Tyler Mathews 3rd Place Overall
2017 Garret Ashby, Kaden Jford, and Kaija Kalm 1st Place Overall
2016 Levi Kunz, Mason Totorica, Keaton Taylor 5th Place Overall
2015 Cason Hales, Wade Tate, and Riley Pocock 3rd Place Overall
2014 Hayden Haslem, Hans Olsen, and Cody Summers 5th Place Overall
2013 Jordan Kearns, Alex Palmer, and Tim Pelca 4th Place Overall
2012 Chandler Atkins, Nicholas Hanson, and Tanner Palmer 5th Place Overall
2011 Aaron Kunz, Zach Robinson, and Christopher Fullmer 1st Place Overall
2010 Brock Mowers, Kendall Schouten and Jacob Wetzel 2nd Place Overall
2009 Brady Craig, Cameron Heim, and Jared Capson 3rd Place Overall
2008 Justin Griffiths, Corbin Staker, and Erick Marshall 2nd Place Overall
2007 Jace Hilton, Nicholas Wells, and Brandon Beesley 2nd Place Overall
2006 Brady Craig, Cameron Heim, and Jared Capson 3rd Place Overall
2005 Dayne Farnsworth, Robert Holt, and Kenny Johnson 3rd Place Overall
2004 Nathan Earl, Erick McHenery, and Jay Johnson 3rd Place Overall
2003 Nick Brown, Dustin Obert, and Tommy Griffiths 3rd Place Overall
2002 Cody Briggs, Josh Nell, and Bryan Butterfield 2nd Place Overall