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What Is the AAA Ford Competition

Ford is committed to supporting young men and women interested in careers as automotive service technicians. Ford pursued several options to continue this program, but was unable to find another appropriate partner. Ford is exploring other ways to support training efforts in high schools with automotive programs.

List of Winners

Year Name State National
2015 (Last Competition) Cason Hales and Wade Tate 1st In State 11th National
2014 Hans Olsen and Austin Sanders 1st In State 14th National
2013 Hayden Haslam and Caden knight 2nd In State NA
2012 Chandler Atkins and Jordan Kearns 1st In State 4th National
2011 Aaron Kunz and Jarren Staker 1st In State 19th National
2010 Brock Mower and Nathan Staker 2nd In State NA
2009 Brady Craig and Kendall Schouten 1st In State 31st National
2008 (Team Didint Qualify) NA NA
2007 Jace Hilton and Chaise Roberts 2nd In State NA
2006 Michael Lancaster and Zachary Winlow 1st In State 21st National
2005 Robert Holt and Kenny Johnson 3rd In State NA
2004 Erick McHenery and Devon Miller 2nd In State NA
2003 Nicholas Brown and Dustin Obert 3rd In State NA
2002 Cody Briggs and Josh Nell 7th In State NA