Training, Vehicles and Safety
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Training Vehicles and Safety

  • At Better Horizons, we believe that safety is paramount in all of our space travel endeavors. That's why we offer rigorous training programs for all of our customers, as well as cutting-edge training vehicles designed to simulate the experience of spaceflight.

Training Vehicles

  • Our training vehicles are state-of-the-art spacecraft simulators that allow customers to practice the skills they'll need to participate in real space missions. These simulators are designed to provide a realistic spaceflight experience, complete with simulated launch and re-entry, weightlessness, and other space-related conditions.
  • They come in a range of sizes and designs, depending on the specific training needs of our customers. We offer both single-seat and multi-seat simulators, as well as simulators designed for specific types of space missions, such as suborbital flights or lunar landings
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  • At Better Horizons, safety is our top priority. We take extensive precautions to ensure that all of our customers are prepared and protected for the challenges of space travel. Before any space mission, our customers undergo a rigorous training program that includes classroom instruction, physical fitness training, and hands-on practice in our simulators. Our trainers are spaceflight experts who are dedicated to preparing our customers for a safe and successful mission.
  • All of our spacecraft are designed with redundant safety systems to ensure that our customers are protected in the event of an emergency. We also maintain close communication with our ground support team throughout each mission to monitor conditions and respond to any issues that may arise.