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What Are We About?

Hello and welcome to Z-Space Exploration! At our company we provide everyone with the opportunity to experience space and everything it has to offer.

At Z-Space Exploration we believe that experiencing space travel should be something for everyone, not just astronauts. That is why we have decided to offer a variety of space travel experiences from a view of Earth from space to a Mars orbit coming soon.

Dive Deeper Into Our Services!

Lunar Orbit

Our 1 week orbit trip around
the Moon and back!

Earth View

Our 1 day trip above the
surface of the Earth!

Mars Orbit

Our 1 month trip to
Mars Comming Soon!

Safety is our Priority

Our team of astronomers, engineers, and experts are here to make our space vehicles safe, reliable, and perfect to give anyone a jaw dropping experience. From a flight to see Earth framed to perfection, a journey to the Moon, and soon another planet, our customers can choose from a variety of explorations that suit their preferences.

We are determined to make the dream of space travel into a reality. So if you're a scientist looking to get hands-on experience of space or looking for the experience of a lifetime, we all invite you to join us on a journey into the beyond.

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