Shadow Journal

Morse code is a cypher that was developed by Samuel Morse that converts dots and dashes into letters in the alphabet

cypher image

The five by five grid code is a cypher that applies letters in the alphabet to a grid position with C and K coupled together because they make the same sound use like a X,Y coordinate

Caesar Cypher is a cyphering method in where you offset the alphabet by a certain number and encode and decode it with the same number

cypher image

Atbesh is a simple cypher in which the alphabet is reversed to create the cypher

Pig Pen Cypher is a cypher that uses a grid like system in which drawing the part of the grid that it’s in becomes the letter and if it has a dot include the dot in the drawling of the character

cypher image

A1Z26 is a simple number cypher in which you just replace the letters with numbers alphabetically

Vinegre Cypher is a more complex one in which a word is used to encode and decode the letter by repeating that word with every letter in your message to decode it use like an X,Y coordinate