I designed this website for an iTeamUSA competition and made a fake portfolio website for it and grabbed a photo of my friend who I will call Barney and came up with a fake name and designed a website around the fake person as a web developer this website showcased my skills as a website designer hard coding the entire thin just like I did with the one you are in right now

This was an old portfolio website that I made following a guide and modifying it to choose the colors I wanted and added some of the content as well as other media and some media placeholders

This website was created t o finish a coding bootcamp to get 100% and included everything required in the instructions as well as made it scale so that it would be easily viewable on a phone as well as computer

I designed 3D versions of houses for displaying different types of architecture and different cool house concepts as well as my skills with 3D design

This project displays the logo I designed for myself that I made along with simple concepts of 3D design as well as an object I can give to people to display some of my work and this one displays ways I’ve stretched the capabilities of my skills with design and stretched the capabilities of single color 3D printers

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I made this project to learn how to work with leather and leatherworking tools that I had at the time to make something amazing

This website was made for the coding bootcamp while I was learning to code following the tutorials to learn all the HTML and CSS to learn to code a website and essentially gain the skills needed for being a web developer and coding a web page

This is a website about the utah museum of fine arts for iTeamUSA which is a competition for building we attempted to design a better website than the one already in pace for the art festival in a limited amount of time