Hello! I'm

Josh Burrup,

a High Schooler who is a Web Developer in Utah and planing on going into the Computer Science department in college.


About Me

I am a Junior and am currently taking a web development and design class at Jordan Academy fot Technology and Careers and I am going to take a programing class from JATC next year. My current plan is to get computer science degree in college at the U of U. I currently go to Mountain Ridge High School too. I did internship at Kauri Sue Hamilton where I worked on updating their website using WordPress. I am also on a few different teams. I was in a web development competion an my team placed 2nd in State Skills USA. I was on a game developent team where we placed 4th at State Skills USA. I am also on a esports team where we placed top 48 in the State.

Projects and Competitions