I'm a Web Developer,

Jordan Marsh

I'm a front end web developer. I have a passion for coding and I am looking to turn Web Development into a full time career. Hire me, and I promise, I will turn your dream into a reality.

My Story

I am a Web Development student at JATC North in West Jordan, Utah. I am studying to become a Full Stack Web Developer and I am currently doing freelance work for Front End Web Developement.

I orginally had no interest in Web Development at all. I took the Web Development course at The Jordan Academy For Technology and Careers. I took this course because I couldn't think of anything else to do. This class sparked my passion for Web Development and now I am on the path to achieving my dream of becoming a Full Stack Web Developer full time. When working for a client or even on personal projects, I put my all into bringing out the full potential of a website.

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My Projects


Arctic Circle
Gerneral Crew

I started at Arctic Circle on June 22nd, 2021, and I currently am a cook/cashier