About Me

I am currently a seinor at Mountain Ridge High School and am taking the web development class at JATC. I was on the Mountain Bike Team for Mountain Ridge for my junior and senior years. I have gone on 2 humanitarian trips through Youthlinc, where I participated in both local and international service.

Skills I have include:

  • HTML & CSS
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


Here are my web design skills and certifications


Coding language used for the content in web design. (Certified)

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Coding language used to style the content in web pages. (Certified)

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Adobe software used for editing and resizing photos. (Certified)

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Adobe software used for designing and editing digital media. (Certified)

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Programming Language used to make websites more dynamic. (Certified)

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Website builder often used for client websites.

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Work Portfolio

Here are some of the different projects that I have worked on.

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