Image of chickens
Meet the Team!
We are a small team of Diverse caring people that all have similar goals. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to helping with your next bird adventure.
White goose standing in front of a river lined with plants
Portrait of Rochard Nowak holding a waterfowl
Richard Nowak
Sanctuary Director

His favorite birds are albatrosses. Currently attending classes to be certified in parks and recreation.
Portrait of Maphey in a blue and red mask holding a white pigeon
Grounds manager

Her favorite birds are puffins. Currently working on certification on ornithology.
Portrait of Tianna Loose
Tianna Loose

Has an amazing talent in architecture. Her favorite bird is a barred rock hen.
Portrait of Jennifer Minkkinen holding a scarlet macaw to the left
Jennifer Minkkinen

Jen's on our board helping with our social media! Her favorite birds are ravens, macaws, and cockatoos.
Photo of Danielle Vanfleet with a grey pigeon on her shoulder. Her face is not visible.
Danielle Vanfleet

Is a certified Veterinary Technician and loves any bird that talks with her.